Our Campervan Story

We are a family run business based on the outskirts of Truro in the heart of Cornwall, hiring out Henrietta the classic VW campervan for vintage style holidays, events and experiences. We are passionate about sharing the story of these classic campervans and spreading the joy of all that Britain’s most beautiful county has to offer... on your doorstep. How it works...

About Henrietta

Henrietta is our 1972 Westfalia baywindow. She has since been given beautiful bespoke wooden fitout.

In addition to a remodeled interior, Henrietta has had some features added over the years to improve her performance and safety, whilst maintaining her classic feel and looks. She comes with power steering and power brakes making her much easier to drive than a standard classic VW camper i.e. you won't develop arm muscles driving this one and stopping becomes more than mere hope. 

The engine is an upgraded aircooled 1800 dual carburettor, which sounds lovely and gives that bit more power ...so you can go ever so slightly faster up those hills, a gentle jog rather than a walk.

Driving a VW T2

Have you dreamed of being able to just park at a nice spot that you find and stay there for a cozy night with brews on tap watching the sunset?  

You will enjoy the pleasure of comfortably driving down narrow Cornish lanes, in particular as other drivers tend to make allowances for the vehicle's age and reverse to let you pass. You will get to access the more remote coves, beaches and other less visited places. Yippee! Bring on the tea. Did you know that a VW T2 is the same size as a Landrover in terms of footprint?

T2's have sloppy gears. They take getting used to. Especially doing a hill start. You may find yourself making up new words on occasion. But once you get it, you get it. The gear location sort of wires into you and you will guide them in nice and smooth (70's smooth mind!)

Great things that you will notice: 

What you become when you are driving a T2. See for yourself...put your favourite music on and putter along, from town to cove to beach to that perfect spot.

Every other VW classic camper driver that you drive past will flash/hoot/wave or all of these at once (don't do this, you might crash our van - it takes practice late at night on empty roads - a simple flash or wave will do). It puts a smile on your face and you know you are in the "Club". 

Many other 'non-Club' users of the road will also happily smile and wave at you. You become something of a mobile historic attraction. 

You are the slowest vehicle on the road. Get used to it. That's the idea. Slow down, breath and enjoy the ride. If you get too relaxed, pull over and hop into bed after a nice brew.

Useful Information on Our Campervan

  • Engine

    1.8 litre, aircooled engine

  • Fuel type


  • Transmission

    Manual, Power steering and brakes 

  • Entertainment

    Retrosound radio with AUX input socket for iPOD and similar, and USB input. 

  • Seatbelts

    Five - Two 3-point inertia belts and a lap belt in the front seats & two lap belts in rear bench. 

  • Berths

    Five - Bench seat folds down to form 3/4 rock and roll double bed, and the roof bedspace is suitable for two. A cab hammock is available, designed to fit over the front seats for a child up to 60kg (please request this should you require it). More space can be accommodated with optional extras, please ask. 

  • Fridge

    Waeco fridge freezer with 12v/240 capability. 

  • Inventory

  • Cooking

    Portable twin-burner & grill, gas cylinder, pots & pans, kettle, practical utensils.

  • Washing

    Collapsable basin and washing up bits and bobs supplied. 

  • Water

    Portable fresh water containers supplied. 

  • Curtains

    New thermal blackout curtains on the windows with magnets to help keep the light out. 

  • Heating

    Electric oil heater 240v. 

  • Lighting

    12v LED lights with dimmer switch. 

  • Storage

    Under bench seats and in cupboards. 

  • Energy

    A 5m mains hook-up cable supplied. 12v leisure system installed for when you are away from mains electricity points. 

  • Electrical Sockets

    2x 12v sockets & 3x 240v sockets. Adapter available for 2 point plugs.

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